The High Tech, Hand Made World Of Edra

Stories. Dec 23, 2022

With legendary art director Massimo Morozzi, founders Valerio and Monica Mazzei launched Edra in the final days of the Memphis movement, developing a research hub where designers Francesco Binfaré and Fernando and Humberto Campana helped establish Edra’s reputation for art, innovation and a fascination for the avant-garde.
It all began in the hills of Tuscany, a picture-postcard region steeped in culture, art, history, craftsmanship and industrial production way beyond its size, where the Mazzei family has been producing furniture built on craftsmanship since 1949. Edra was born in 1987 as the Memphis Design movement was waning. The avant-garde design group had been the focus of the 1980s design scene since Memphis founder Ettore Sottsass began applying a riot of colour and pattern to some of today’s most collectable furniture icons. Its influence was felt right across popular culture and its ability to make people rethink design – and taste – laid the foundations for what was to follow.

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