Born in 1959, Giuseppe Bavuso resides and operates in Seregno, Brianza, an area recognized for its thriving furniture sector. In 1986, he established the Product Design studio, where he explores diverse realms of design spanning from interiors to automotive, train interiors, architecture, exhibitions, and bio-medical equipment. An enlightening interaction with Bruno Munari significantly impacted Bavuso’s career, shaping his approach to design from the outset. Within the furniture domain, he has fostered fruitful partnerships with globally acclaimed brands, serving as a designer and creative director. Bavuso’s comprehensive approach spans conception, engineering, and visual communications, seeking innovative pathways to enhance product quality, durability, and transform the contemporary living experience.

Notably, his collaboration with Rimadesio marked by national and international accolades, he also work with Ernestomeda, Alivar and Erco.