Naoto Fukasawa, born in 1956 in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, is a renowned designer celebrated for his profound influence on global design. Graduating from Tama Art University’s Product Design Department in 1980, he embarked on a distinguished career. Initially at Seiko Epson, he directed advanced development design, before joining IDEO’s San Francisco branch (formerly ID Two) in 1989. After refining his skills for seven years within Silicon Valley’s spheres, he returned to Japan in 1996.

Fukasawa established and led IDEO’s Tokyo office, becoming a pivotal figure in Japanese design consultancy. In 2003, he founded his independent venture, NAOTO FUKASAWA DESIGN. His creative footprint spans Italy, Germany, America, Switzerland, Spain, China, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Portugal, Sweden, and Finland. His diverse portfolio encompasses electronics, furniture, interior spaces, and architecture, with a distinct emphasis on designs resonating with people’s aspirations.

He introduces his design philosophies via concepts like “design dissolving in behavior,” “center of consciousness,” “normality,” “outline,” and “archetype,” continuously incorporating these ideologies into his work. Fukasawa’s groundbreaking “Without Thought” principle identifies design inspiration within subconscious human actions, a concept he shares through annual workshops and publications since 1999.

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