Born in 1962 in Loreken, Belgium, Vincent Van Duysen is a well-known designer and architect whose projects range from large-scale architecture to product and interior design. Vincent Van Duysen obtained his degree in architecture from the faculty of Sint Lucas in Ghent. He first worked for Aldo Cibic in Milan and then for Jean De Meulder in Antwerp. Shortly afterwards, he decided to set up his own office in Antwerp named Vincent Van Duysen Architects.

The relationship between architecture, interiors and product design is the key to Vincent Van Duysen’s work. His projects are never sterile minimalism but rather essential and pure without sacrificing function and comfort. His volumes and spaces are enhanced by the purity of form designed by light and modelled by materials. Apparently simple and linear projects conceal unexpected complexity with an attention to detail that is never excessive. He approaches all new projects, whether furniture or buildings, based on his past, attaining new goals through “subtraction”, starting with numerous elements that are pared down to reach a proper balance.

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