Minima Ballsbridge

Established in September 2023, the Minima Ballsbridge showroom stands as the newest achievement by Minima’s.
Born from the transformation of two shell units in the heart of Ballsbridge.
Every detail, meticulously curated in-house, reflects a commitment to excellence — from spatial planning to architectural considerations, and from the design of stairs to the careful selection of lighting and finishes, this dynamic space has a beautiful copper and black glass mezzanine.
The showroom is not merely a display of products but an immersive experience that underscores the comprehensive knowledge and refined taste of the Minima team.
Minima have moved some of their other exclusive brands to this showroom, Maxalto, B&B Italia, Henge, Doors and screens from Lualdi,& Glas Italia, flooring from Listone Giordano, plus lighting from Davide Groppi, Flos and Giopato

Photographer: Daniele Cortese
Project: Commercial

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