Davide Groppi, originating in 1963, launched his creative venture in the late 1980s in a small lab in Piacenza, Italy, fashioning his first lamps. He founded a company bearing his name, marked by unconventional management and creative independence, fostering original lighting products globally acclaimed today. His designs prioritize simplicity, emotion, and inventive illumination, deriving inspiration from art, magic, craftsmanship, and playfulness with light.

Groppi’s luminosity orchestrates enchantment and arousal, nurtured by a dedicated team of collaborators who share his vision. Collaborations with notable design companies like De Padova, Boffi, and Paola Lenti yielded diverse products and exhibitions. His influence spans residences, retail, museums, and especially hospitality, gracing esteemed chefs’ venues such as Massimo Bottura and Massimiliano Alajmo.

His remarkable designs earned press recognition and prestigious awards, including the ADI Compasso d’Oro, lauded as the world’s premier design accolade. Notably, his creations illuminate the “Studio alla Vetrata” in the Quirinale Palace under the “Quirinale Contemporaneo” project. Groppi’s journey echoes boundless creativity, yielding lighting that transcends function to convey profound emotion and artistry.